What sparks interest?

Interest is perhaps the most important determinant of human behavior and achievement. If Newton wasn’t interested in gravity, where would we be? Interest in various topics are sparked from a young age, interests change, wane and intensify over time and are sometimes inexplicably lost. But how? Understanding how people become interested in something would have major implications for society.


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  1. I guess interest here is both curiosity and passion/drive. I think that curiosity comes naturally and mostly has to be natured but I don’t have any experience in parenting or teaching so this is just common sense :). I think passion is harder to understand. How and why people commit themselves to an activity ? We seem to have a weakness for causes, sometimes to a point were it becomes dangerous (ex. nationalism, religion,etc). It might be that this passion could be related to a human necessity to be part of something bigger than a single individual. On the other hand it could be just motivated by self-interest and climbing the social ladder.
    Anyway … difficult question.

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